Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football game, 1

I took 581 pictures at the football game, and although I'll only be uploading a small subset of those, that's still a lot of pictures. I'll try to post them in similar-themed groups. This one is "sky".

Yay for 12,800 ISO.

1 comment:

  1. I think what everyone really wants is to read your story about The Zombie.

    Photography hint - 581 snaps are too many.

    When I get nervous, twitchy like, when everyone seems strange, especially the women, I repeat the alphabet to myself to calm myself down.

    I am trying to repeat the alphabet now, and I am not standing on one foot or anything, but I am having problems. I can start out ok. I remember that the first letter is A, and in a nanosecond I am hitting on the next letter ,B, but then it all falls apart. A, BBBBBBBBBBBBB, A,BBBBBBBBBBBB.

    I tell myself that if I just stick to math , maybe I will be ok. A + B = a lot of things.

    But eventually I am going to have to go home. And when I get there I am going to have to talk to my A + B = DAD.

    Snapping out,