Saturday, March 31, 2012

Running and injury update, and preview of a post that might actually be interesting

I'm working on one of those essay-ish posts that doesn't really relate directly to my life, just tangentially to my interests.  I'm hoping to finish it tonight, but I might not, and definitely not before it switches over to April for the vast majority of you on the east coast.  The title will be "DREAD/STRIDE applied to urban exploration" and hopefully it'll be potentially interesting to a few of you.

Anyway, that's a different post.  This one is a continuing update on my running and various injuries.  So, an activity-by-activity breakdown:
Running - this one I've been able to keep up with.  I just got back from a 7-mile run, putting my total for the year at 78.5, and I'll be doing another 4 tomorrow to get to my goal of 15 this week.  So far I haven't had any injuries to derail this one (since the stress fracture last fall, of course).
Parkour - this one I haven't been able to keep up with.  In mid-February my organization at work had an outing to go snow tubing.  While going over a jump I came off the tube and landed badly, on my side with my arm extended over my head, and my shoulder's been hurting ever since (on the other hand, I've witnessed far worse injuries from accidents like this, so I'll consider myself lucky).  I kept up with parkour for a few more weeks but then two weeks ago put that on hold to give it time to heal (climbing and pull-ups and push-ups don't combine well with hurt shoulders).  It was getting a lot better until Thursday when I was in a bike accident on the way back from work.  The accident didn't hurt it at all, the only thing that did was skin my knee, but having to pick up the 480 pound bike definitely did something bad to it.  So it'll be at least a few more weeks until I can get back to parkour.
Kendo - I was doing this once a week at the parkour gym, and I haven't since I paused that.  Once the weather improves I'll start practicing in the park near my apartment, but at the moment my shoulder also makes swinging a sword a bit unpleasant.