Monday, January 10, 2011

More Florida photos

Editing bird photos is difficult, so these aren't great, but I gave it a shot.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few Florida photos

Some photos from being in Florida this past week. I might post a few more as I get the time to edit them.

[Obviously, the above photo has been edited more than I usually do.]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions for this previous year:
1. Lose weight - didn't quite accomplish this one.
2. Eat pie - definitely accomplished this one.
3. Write - didn't accomplish this one as much as I'd like. Did a little bit, but not enough.
4. Build stuff - a little bit. Not as much as I'd like.
5. Climb stuff - a little bit. Not as much as I'd have liked, but a fair amount, and I taught myself how to rappel, so overall I'd consider it a success.
6. Get the bus legal - not quite. At the end of the year there was one heating pipe and two pieces of brake line keeping it from being street legal. Now, after some work this morning, only the two brake lines remain, and they're sitting in the garage, it's just really wet outside and so crawling around on the ground seemed uncomfortable.
7. Bike - I did a bit, but not much.
8. Run - I picked this back up near the end of the year without even realizing I had resolved to do so. I went for the longest run I ever have (10.6 miles) and was able to run relatively regularly, so I'll consider this at least somewhat successful.
9. Test in karate - Nope. Work at the same time as one class and APO at the same time as another, so I wasn't able to.
10. Be a better person - definitely not my place to judge whether or not this was successful.

Now, my resolutions for the upcoming year:
1. Eat pie - more symbolic than anything else, basically a reminder that even in trying to accomplish my more serious goals, I need to remember that the end goal of all of these is to make myself happier, and so if one of them is seriously hurting that, it isn't worth it.
2. Run 365 miles, including in the Charlottesville 10-miler - This winter I took up running, and I want to keep with it. My knee has been bothering me because I started perhaps a bit too quickly, but with proper care I should be able to manage that well enough.
3. Lose weight to 160 lbs. - I haven't weighed this for four years, and I want to get back there.
4. Test in Myo Sim - Either karate or kendo, as I'm moving away from Charlottesville and won't have much of another chance.
5. Be more organized - I'm incredibly disorganized, and I want that to change.
6. Build stuff - Something I very much like, but never get to do enough.
7. Climb stuff - Another thing I very much like, but don't get to do enough.
8. Work on learning an instrument - I've worked on flute and guitar on and off for years, but I really want to just stick with one and practice it regularly.
9. Work on learning a language - I've studied four (apart from English) but I haven't kept up with any of them. I want to pick one (perhaps a new one) and reach some basic level of proficiency.
10. Be a better person - Always an important thing to work on, and one I often feel I'm quite lacking in.