Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Choices so far...

Here's the list as it currently stands:

2.a "D in the Wind"
2.b "Homes in Thought"

3.a "Fun Times at Lenin's Plaza"
3.b "Homes and the Monk"

4.a "Lightning and the Flag"
4.b "Catba Island at Night"

5.a "Water Lily"
5.b "Octopus Flower"

6.a "Pepper"
6.b "Fluffy White Dog"

7.a "Girls with Goat"
7.b For B&W kids, I received the suggestion of using the following image, a greyscaled version of "Damn Moped" (for the purposes of making the title not directly draw attention to a bad part of the photo, I'll call the greyscaled version "Girl with Dog").

9. "Insert grammatically incorrect, misspelled, and slightly humorous caption here."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, there's a photography category at the County Fair, and I'm thinking of submitting some of my photos. There are a bunch of different classes, and I'm having trouble picking what to submit, as I can only put in one in each class. I'll go through class-by-class with the photos I'm considering.

(In addition, there's the Washington Post travel photo contest, and likewise, I can't decide which photo to submit. Any suggestions as to your overall favorites from my trip?)

But for now, the county fair. The classes:

1. Life in Albemarle-I don't have any photos for this.

2. Portraits: depiction of a personality, head, or full figure, posed or informal (not candid) where person is main interest.
2.a Color:

D in the Wind
D and Blaise
2.b B&W

D and Coffee (A different D, obviously)

[Photo removed]

Homes in Thought
3. Human Interest: Candids, people interacting, family moments
I've already decided for this category, so here are my selections.

3.a Color

Fun Times at Lenin's Plaza

3.b B&W

Homes and the Monk

4. Scenic and architectural: Landscapes, water, building, roads, etc.

4.a Color

Sunset over Lancaster

Lightning and the Flag

4.b B&W

Pantheon B&W

Sunlight in San Pietro

Catba Island at Night

5. Floral: Flowers, gardens, plants cultivated or wild

5.a Color

I have really no idea for this. I have hundreds of flower and plant pictures. Which do you folks think is best?

5.b B&W

Maymont Waterlily

Maymont Magnolia

Octopus Flower

Temple Blossom

Branch of the Vatican

6. Animals: Wild or domestic, pets.

Again, for this one I've already made up my mind.

6.a Color


6.b B&W

Fluffy White Dog

7. Children: Including babies.

7.a Color

Girls with Goat

7.b B&W

I don't have one for this, unless you folks have a suggestion of something I've taken that I could greyscale.

8. Albemarle County Fairs: I haven't been in years, so I don't have any.

9. Humor: Any subject that makes us laugh!

I don't have many funny pictures, but here's one I think is okay.


[Photo removed]

What do you think, for all of them?

Sunday, July 5, 2009