Saturday, September 5, 2009

Classes, and a few random photos

So, the classes I'm taking this semester, in order of when I have them during the week:

CS 2330: Digital Logic Design: Easy. Boolean logic. Would be fun if it weren't the seventeenth time I've learned it.

CS 2150: Program and Data Representation: C++. C++. A bit more C++. And then perhaps a dash of C++ on the side for good measure.

CS 3102: Theory of Computation: Set theory and finite automata. Complex but slow-moving.

MATH 3100: Introduction to Mathematical Probability: Easy. Stuff I taught last summer.

ENWR 3610: Intermediate Fiction Writing: I have more to say about this than the others...
So, first assignment, flash fiction story. I write mine, the class reads it, and so on. Two (out of fourteen other students and the teacher) notice that it could be interpreted to be about zombies. Despite not realizing this on her own, my teacher starts repeating over and over that I should get rid of the zombies. The zombies that she didn't even see. Yeah. No.
And, after looking over the other flash fiction stories, out of fifteen (including my own), seven are about relationships that are either over, and the story is a reminiscence, or about a relationship the main character wants to happen, and one is about romantic relationships but in a different way. This is what happens when you have a class of 11 girls and only 4 guys. (My story was about a relationship, admittedly, but it was the father-son relationship between a kid and the zombified dad he's about to kill.)

And, for your viewing pleasure, a few random photos completely unrelated to the above post.

The lamps by the Amphitheatre, that is, me wasting time before ENWR.

Me at lunch. (Yes, I do plan on resuming and updating Daily Steves at some point.)

The remains of the aforementioned lunch.

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