Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture of the day

I'm going to try to post (at least) one picture a day for a while (which might end up being take at least one photo a day and then backdate the posts, but you get the idea). Hopefully it'll continue more than a day or two, but no promises.

So, today, Pikachu and cell phone on a hat at the lunch table. (Not from today, but the shoe photo in the other post was, so if you want to be picky, count that. This is more of an example of the randomness that will likely dominate these posts as I look for something new to photograph each day.)

Walk in the (new) snow

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walk in the snow, part 2

Requiem for a deer

Some of the images in here might be disturbing to some, so if you're affected by pictures of animals post-encountering hunters, you might want to stop reading.

Walk in the snow, part 1

New Year's Resolutions, 2009 and 2010

As I'm sure every other blogger will also be doing (or has already done), I thought I'd write a post about my new year's resolutions. First, the ones from last year:

1) get the bus legal
Result: failed
The state now recognizes me as the legal owner of the bus, and it runs, but it's not yet street legal as it still needs to pass inspection.
2) finish the hovercraft
Result: failed
Never really did anything with this one. My enthusiasm died.
3) lose weight
Result: failed
I made a bit of progress during the first two months, but I stalled while abroad and then gained weight for the rest of the year to end up a little bit higher than I started
4) eat pie
Result: Success!
I ate pie. It was delicious.
5) write
Result: success
I wrote. Not as much as I'd have liked to, but I wrote.
6) get a working computer
Result: success
I got a working MacBook Pro and a working netbook. The netbook was then stolen, which still left me up one working computer from the beginning of the year.
7) bike 500 miles over the course of the year
Result: failed
I biked a few hundred miles (I don't have the odometer with me, but I think at least 200) but not the target 500.
8) run 10 miles at once
Result: failed
I didn't do much running, and what I did was always just a couple miles at most.
9) make a novel projectile launcher
Result: failed
I never got around to this.
10) be a better person
Result: unknown
I'm hardly the right person to judge this one.

Now, for this upcoming year:

1) lose weight
Let's give this one another shot.
2) eat pie
I need at least one I can guarantee a success. (And I have in fact already accomplished this one!)
3) write
Writing won't be hard, writing well/a lot will be.
4) build stuff
Always a good thing to aspire to do.
5) climb stuff
Something I want to get more into, so I may as well make it a resolution.
6) get the bus legal
Let's give this one another shot, too.
7) bike
Note the lack of quantitative evaluation. Shouldn't be too hard.
8) run
See the explanation for #7.
9) test in karate
I'm a second degree black belt in Myo Sim Kendo and the president of the Myo Sim Karate and Self-Defense club at UVA but still just a white belt in Myo Sim Karate. That should probably change.
10) be a better person
I can always use improvement in this area.