Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts on a new camera

So, as I mentioned, all of my camera equipment (and some that wasn't mine) was stolen. Clearly this presents a problem to someone such as myself who enjoys taking pictures. Currently I'm borrowing my mom's camera, which is, nicely enough, identical to mine except it freezes less often (that is, never, unlike my old one's occasional habit). Once my finances are more stable, either from insurance money or my summer job, I'll be procuring a new digital SLR. The one I'm currently looking at is the Canon Digital Rebel T1i. The Canon page about it is here.
I've also given thought to lenses I want to get, such as a wide-angle or fisheye lense and a high-zoom macro lense, but I haven't decided anything yet, mainly because lenses are very expensive and the marginal benefit is so much smaller than the body (that is, without a nice lense I can still take good pictures, it just takes a bit more work, but without a camera body, a lense doesn't do much good, and the body does come with an okay 18-55 lense).

Anyway, I'll post more once more is determined.

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