Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bad news, folks...

So, I was hoping to upload a bunch of cool photos of Madrid and Granada (I took at least 2,000 of the Alhambra), but then my backpack got stolen this morning, which held all my copies of all of the pictures (about 14,000) I´ve taken on this trip. So the only pictures I have left are the ones on this blog. Sorry about that. I have access to another digital camera, so I should be able to start taking more pictures soon, but, sadly, you won´t get any from Spain, and no trip-in-review post like I was hoping for. Sorry about that.

And if any of the readers of this happen to live/be in Barcelona and see a Canon DSLR with "SN" in silver paint on the bottom, or a black netbook with a white-text-on-black "Brown College" sticker on it, please contact the police and do anything you deem reasonable to retrieve the items. There will be a reward.


  1. OH NO! I am so sorry for you! Well, at least you have the blog photos.

  2. Oh Steve, I am so sorry! This is a very sad loss. For the past couple of months I have happily followed your journey through this blog and its lovely photos. It has brought back memories of a similar journey some 35+ years ago.

  3. I took pictures of the Alhambra, back in 1973, but I KNOW they aren't as nice as the ones you took. So sorry to hear about your camera -- your photos and compositions are stunning. Have you considered a career as a professional photographer? (Okay, so maybe it doesn't pay much...)
    Janet (one of your mom's friends)