Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The reason for the trip

Looking back on it, I kinda forgot to mention why I'm going on a three-month trip across two continents. My dad's a physics professor at UVA, which has a program with the University of Hue whereby UVA profs come over and teach classes to help out their physics program. The entire family is going along. Once he's done teaching around April 8th we'll sightsee around Vietnam for a while (given that we'll be over there, it's a waste not to) and we'll head back home through Europe. We've been wanting a family trip to Europe for a long time (it was where I was born and I really want to go back to see everything) so this seemed like a good time for one.

Sorry about the randomness of my posts this morning. My brain is a little fried from stress and lack of sleep (I was up until 3 sewing Canadian patches on my bags (no, this isn't deceptive, I actually am a Canadian citizen)). I think you can understand the scatterbrainedness.

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