Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm really looking forward to the photography I'll be able to do on this trip. I'll be taking three cameras, all SLRs: my Canon Digital Rebel XTi, my mom's Canon Rebel X, and my dad's old Nikomat (Japanese Nikon) of indeterminate make or model.
My XTi is my normal camera, and it's the one I'll be using the most. Its memory card holds about as many pictures as my 29 rolls of film put together.
The X is going to be my main camera for artistic/nice shots. The folks at the photography store (Richmond Camera, for all you Charlottesville folks looking for an awesome photography store with knowledgable, nice staff and the best selection of 35mm equipment in town) comped me a roll of Velvia 50, a high-quality color film. I'll be using some of it around Hue, getting pictures of the old imperial city, and some in Europe, primarily Norway.
The Nikomat will be my camera for just fun stuff. It doesn't have a good lens or many automatic settings, but that doesn't much matter. For the time I'm shooting the Velvia I'll be using it more than the rest of the time, but I'll probably shoot mostly color film with it.
Speaking of film, my count:

1 roll of 36-exp Fujifilm Velvia 50
4 rolls of 24-exp Fujicolor 200
10 rolls of 24-exp Fujifilm Superia 400 (one of which is the X's starting roll)
6 rolls of 24-exp Fujifilm Superia 800
4 rolls of 36-exp Kodak Tri-X 400 (B&W)
2 rolls of 36-exp Fujifilm Neopan 1600 (B&W)
2 rolls of 36-exp Kodak T-MAX P3200 (B&W)

So, all told, 804 film pictures, plus one or two that can be squeezed out on the Nikomat (it can sometimes take 25 on a 24 roll and 37 or 38 on a 36 roll). And I might pick up more film if I run low, although right now I have enough for 10 film pictures a day, plus an arbitrary number of digital ones. I'll post the best of both the film and digital shots somewhere once I get back (well, I'll post the digital ones as I go) so you can see them.

Well, off to actually pack now. I probably should have started sooner than 24 hours before the plane lifts off.

1 day until I leave, 83 days until I get back.

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