Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Kalashnikitty is a .22 caliber AK-47 lookalike that my brother and I painted with a Hello Kitty motif. It was a Christmas present for my mom who, needless to say, loved it.

The rifle is an Armscor AK-22, a strictly semi-automatic rifle that fires high-velocity .22 LR rounds. Even after the painting, it's still a fully-functional firearm.

The painting itself was done with Lauer Custom Weaponry's DuraCoat, with two layers of white covered, in places, with four more layers of pink. The flowers and kitties are stickers glued to the stock and magazine.

We got the idea from both an AR-15 painted in a similar style and an actual AK-47 painted a la Hello Kitty but in a much different style.

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