Monday, November 8, 2010

Boo Cavalier Computers, and other stuff

I probably would've blogged before now, but my usual computer has been in the shop for the past week.  Most of the time it's refusing to turn on, so I took it into the University's computer service center.  Currently they're telling me that it's a software problem, which is incorrect, as it can't be a software issue when it never even gets to the step where it accesses the hard drive.  The closest it might be is a processor firmware issue, which definitely isn't from anything I did (and I seriously doubt it's even that, given that I'm not sure it even gets the processor running when it refuses to start).  Unfortunately it's an intermittent problem and they say that the hardware diagnostics all were fine and that they haven't been able to replicate the problem, so they haven't been able to fix it, and assuming the problem doesn't manifest itself while they're playing around with it, they might not even be able to be convinced that there's something wrong.  Boo.

Anyway, I'm currently writing here because I'm sitting in Computer Architecture and we're reviewing a test that we haven't gotten back yet, because I hate reviewing tests I haven't received.  I can never remember what I answered for each question and consequently worry that I got everything wrong.  I didn't do great on this test, for sure, but I still hate thinking about my grade after I've taken the test and before I actually get it back.

I'll probably be posting some photographs this afternoon after I do my Computational Photography homework for tomorrow.  We need to dodge/burn and sharpen a black and white photograph.  I've done one but I'm going to try to do a second in the hopes that it'll turn out a little bit better, and once I've done that I'll post them here.

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