Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk in the (new) snow

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  1. I love how the third from the top picture is framed by both buildings and tree branches. The structure really focuses the eye on that gorgeous tree in the courtyard. I can't decide if it would be better if the right side branches were cropped a tiny bit to make them thinner, but I do feel like something small is keeping this photo from being absolutely perfect. I don't think it's that there's nothing in the courtyard because open stretches of untouched snow have a sort of magic to them, especially since it's so rare that an animal or person hasn't stomped through. It may be that the tree is a touch too far in the background for the scale of everything else. Yes, I think I wish the tree were slightly bigger. Report back to the scene again in five years during a snow storm and see how that works ;)

    Lovely as usual, though. Very lovely :)