Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Choices so far...

Here's the list as it currently stands:

2.a "D in the Wind"
2.b "Homes in Thought"

3.a "Fun Times at Lenin's Plaza"
3.b "Homes and the Monk"

4.a "Lightning and the Flag"
4.b "Catba Island at Night"

5.a "Water Lily"
5.b "Octopus Flower"

6.a "Pepper"
6.b "Fluffy White Dog"

7.a "Girls with Goat"
7.b For B&W kids, I received the suggestion of using the following image, a greyscaled version of "Damn Moped" (for the purposes of making the title not directly draw attention to a bad part of the photo, I'll call the greyscaled version "Girl with Dog").

9. "Insert grammatically incorrect, misspelled, and slightly humorous caption here."


  1. I suggest the angry cat picture; it always makes me laugh. :-D

  2. Oh, and one catch to the flower shot: the water lily shows a beautiful flower while the Butterfly shot captures a lovely little green butterfly on a flower. I guess short idea said lengthily: I'd hate to see you choose the butterfly picture and possibly be counted off because it focuses more on the butterfly than the flower. I like both pictures and doubt there's a wrong choice, per se. In the same breath, however, I did want to point out how each picture has a different focal point and get you thinking about that.

  3. One thing to be said about the cat photo is that it will be one less excuse for someone to hurt you while you sleep. :-)

  4. All your photos are ready to go! I'll take them out this afternoon along with four of mine and seven of Don's. Dana and I are going to the fair on Wednesday to see what any of us might have won.