Monday, June 29, 2009

Black and White film pictures from the trip

Here are some photographs from my trip this past spring that I shot on black and white film, which I just recently got around to having developed.

I really wish this photo had turned out lighter so the conical hat were slightly more visible. I had a copy in digital but I lost it.

A fluffy white dog, but not THE fluffy white dog.


  1. You have an amazing eye. I look at the street photo, the Vinawa glass, the joyful dog, the camera and teapot photo, and I wonder how you can even try to deny how artistic you are. You're to frame the world while still keeping the action and energy alive. I can see the movement in the dog. Every inch of the picnic photo with the teapot and sunglasses pulls the eye to each corner. That's definitely your most powerful skill: making every photo beautiful and able span the entire frame rather than photographing one thing specifically and hoping that that focus is strong enough to carry the rest of the photo. There aren't vacuums of empty space in your photos, and I can't say that of many people's work I've seen, even professionals.

  2. Thanks! I love shooting B&W because it forces me to work on making the entire picture work.

    (Although I find it hilarious that you call it the "joyful dog". I had gotten a bit too close and the loud shutter on the Nikon provoked the dog into barking and running at me.)

  3. Well, be it the joy of seeing you or joy at the thought of biting you, the dog looks happy.

    What is it with you, your family, and aggressive fluffy dogs?